Ardaly “Joshua” Prawito

A photographer and art director who love to be your friend.

Born in Surabaya 1977, He grow up in artist family, he started drawing since 3 years old following his father activity.

He studied art and multimedia in Swinburne University Melbourne, and start working in 2000. His passion was about digital art, he sketches and draw in computer and finally he found a digital camera. This is the starting point for him to go deeper in Photography.

Even he was into the digital photography, but he still accomplished as much in camera as possible, minimizing dependence on computer editing and post-production. About 95% of his work are pure from the original shot. Nothing is edited except color correction and adjustment.
This is what makes his work to be his style.

Other than Photography, he got his talent for art directing at branding design company that he found with his friend. The knowledge of design and understanding about visual communication is excelent for the projects. He put his eye on every detail on the work, involving from concept to final work.